Some Recent Accomplishments of the League of Women Voters of Florida

Some Recent Accomplishments of the League of Women Voters of Florida

Some Recent Accomplishments of the League of Women Voters of Florida

The League of Women Voters of Florida (LWVF) is a nonpartisan organization committed to informing the public about important policy issues and to advocacy that leads to beneficial legislative action. Below are just a few of the recent accomplishments spurred on by the 32 Florida state chapters and their thousands of dedicated, passionate, hardworking members.

The League of Women Voters of Florida:

  • Blocked the attempt to lift the ban on concealed carry of firearms on Florida college campuses in 2015
  • Fought for Amendment 1 to the Florida Constitution, passed with the approval of almost 75% of voters in 2014, which was a landmark land and water conservation initiative; LWVF collected about 25,000 petition signatures in addition to other supportive measures
  • Was instrumental in the passage of Amendments 5 and 6 to the Florida Constitution, approved by 63% of voters, which significantly reduce gerrymandering; LWVF was responsible for redrawing fair district maps and continues to fight inappropriate redistricting in the courts
  • Successfully challenged major voter suppression in the courts and pushed for an Election Reform Bill in 2012; these efforts overturned fines and other restrictions interfering with the ability to vote and restored two weeks of eliminated early voting
  • Created the “Just Say No” campaign in 2012 to stop 11 proposed amendments to the Florida Constitution; eight of the 11 were successfully blocked, preventing things like the constitutional elimination of the separation of church and state in Florida and major limitations on women’s control over their own healthcare
  • Led the citizen campaign in support of Central Florida’s commuter rail system SunRail
  • Was the only organization to formally oppose Amendment 3 to the Florida Constitution, which in 2014 sought to give an outgoing Governor the right to appoint future State Supreme Court justices
  • Blocked passage of the “Taxpayers Bill of Rights” (TABOR) Amendment 3 in 2012, an initiative that had already proven a failure in Colorado and was being introduced in 26 states
  • Stopped an alimony bill twice that would have created undue hardships for women and children living in Florida
  • Assisted in the passage of online voter registration that makes registering to vote easier, more cost effective, and more accurate
  • Successfully advocated against “Project Integrity,” an initiative introduced by the Florida Secretary of State that would have facilitated inappropriate voter registration purges
  • Started “Sisters Across the Straits” in 2011, a program approved by the State Department that allows LWV members to travel to Cuba for educational exchanges; there have been more than 20 such trips since inception
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