Prevent Gun Violence Florida Condemns Filing of HB 543 Permitless Carry Legislation, Warns of Danger to Public Safety

Prevent Gun Violence Florida released the following statement after state lawmakers and sheriffs announced the intent to file Permitless Carry legislation to eliminate the state’s permit requirement for carrying a loaded, concealed handgun in public:

Permitless Carry laws endanger the public by removing vital safety measures designed to ensure that those carrying concealed weapons have been properly trained and vetted. If Permitless Carry becomes law, Florida will be a more dangerous place to live, work, visit, and do business. There is a clear link between lax gun laws and increased gun violence, and Florida would be no exception. Studies consistently show that states with laws focused on firearm safety have lower rates of gun violence, and that the permit requirement serves as an important screening mechanism to ensure that only responsible individuals are allowed to carry firearms in public.

In an era of increased mass shootings and rising gun crime, it is outlandish that our Legislature is being asked to loosen gun restrictions rather than strengthen them. Lawmakers must immediately reject Florida’s legislators should instead focus their efforts on enacting common-sense gun laws that prioritize public safety, including universal background checks, banning military-style assault weapons, and safe storage laws. In a time where hate speech and violence are all too common, relaxing requirements to carry a firearm is playing with the lives of Floridians.

Permitless carry will make the jobs of law enforcement officers more difficult and dangerous. Without a permitting system in place, it will be harder for officers to determine whether an individual is legally carrying a concealed weapon. This could lead to dangerous situations for both officers and civilians.

Prevent Gun Violence Florida and our allies vow to fight against this harmful legislation. We urge all concerned citizens to speak out against and join us in advocating for life-saving gun-safety measures.

Prevent Gun Violence Florida is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reduce gun violence in Florida.

Media Contact: Patricia Brigham, President,, (407) 797-2562

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