Listen to our students — Don’t arm our teachers!

Listen to our students — Don’t arm our teachers!

The Florida Legislature is currently in the process of hearing gun reform bills through the committee process. The Senate will hear SB 7026 on March 1st at 1 PM, and the House will hear HB 7101 on March 2nd at 10:30 AM. These bills would arm our teachers, something that our teachers and students are adamantly opposed to.

Please call your Representative and Senator with the following messages:

  • From a technical perspective, there is no mention of follow up, in-service training, either defensive tactics or firearms
  • No mention of periodic re-qualification with issued firearms; no mention of storage of firearms
  • No mention of civil or criminal liability exposure or insurance requirements; no mention of reporting requirements, or training to document uses of force
  • No mention of who will pay for the 100 hour training, the firearms, maintenance, storage, periodic re-training (assuming it exists) and administration of the program
  • Former professional law enforcement use of force trainers say that barely trained armed civilians will only make things worse. Trained police officers reliably miss their target 50% of the time.

Call your Representative and Senator today!

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