Coalition Response to Santa Fe High School Shooting

Coalition Response to Santa Fe High School Shooting

In response to the shooting at Santa Fe High School, the Florida Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence released the following statement:

Once again, young and innocent lives have been taken from us while they were supposed to be safe and sound in their learning environment. Our hearts break for the victims and the families that have been forever left with a painful void.

Schools must be safe for the children they are built for. This continues to be unacceptable. What also continues to be unacceptable is the inaction from our elected officials in Congress. Keeping firearms out of the hands of dangerous individuals needs to be Congress’ top priority, and it’s far past time that action be taken by them.

After Sandy Hook, we said, “Never again.” After Parkland, we said, “Never again.” We will continue to say “Never again,” but we will also continue to fight for common sense gun laws in our state and our nation. We urge Floridians to do the same and contact their Representative and Senators and demand action.


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