2019 Proposed Gun Legislation

2019 Proposed Gun Legislation

LWVFL supports the following Bills:

HB 197- Representative Polo– Concealed Weapons and Firearms: Prohibits concealed weapon or firearm licensee from openly carrying handgun or carrying concealed weapon or firearm into any child care facility. Companion SB 752

SB 364- Senator Braynon- Prohibited Places for Weapons and Firearms; Revising the locations where a licensee is prohibited from openly carrying a handgun or carrying a concealed weapon or firearm to include performing arts center and legitimate theater. Companion HB 683

HB 455- Representative Smith- Assault Weapons and Large-Capacity Magazines: Prohibits sale, transfers, or possession of assault weapon or large-capacity ammunition magazine; provides exceptions; requires certificates of possession for assault weapons or large-capacity ammunition magazines lawfully possessed before specified date; provides conditions for continued possession of such weapons or large-capacity ammunition magazines; requires certificates of transfer for transfers of assault weapons or large-capacity magazines; provides for relinquishment of assault weapons or large-capacity magazines; provides requirements for transportation of assault weapons; provides enhanced criminal penalties for certain offenses when committed with assault weapon or large-capacity magazine. Senate companion 466 by Senator Farmer.

SB 468 Senator Farmer Firearms Requiring the Department of Law Enforcement to include on a standard form certain questions concerning a potential firearm buyer’s criminal history and other information relating to the person’s eligibility to make the firearm purchase; requiring that, if neither party to a prospective firearms sale, lease, or transfer is a licensed dealer, the parties must complete the sale, lease, or transfer through a licensed dealer; revising applicability of the prohibition against certain sales or deliveries of firearms to include certain purchases, trades, and transfers of a rifle or shotgun. Closes the background check loophole. HB135 House companion by Good.

SB 764- Home Safety- Prohibiting a person who owns a firearm from keeping it in a residence if he or she knows or has reason to know that another person also residing in that residence is prohibited from owning, possessing, purchasing, or receiving a firearm; requiring that on a certain date and annually thereafter each clerk of the court report to the Office of State Courts Administrator specified information, etc. Currently no House companion.

LWVFL Opposes the following Bills:

HB 175 Rep. Hill Firearms- Removes provisions authorizing seizure of firearms from persons in certain circumstances; removes prohibition on firearms ownership or possession until removal of firearm possession & firearm ownership disability; removes prohibition on persons younger than 21 years of age purchasing firearms; eliminates waiting period for purchases of firearms other than handguns; removes ban on bump-fire stocks; removes provisions providing for risk protection orders. This bill repeals all the good measures in SB7026. Currently no Senate companion.

HB 403 Rep Grall-Safety of Religious Institutions- Authorizes religious institution to allow concealed weapons or concealed firearms licensee to carry firearm on property of institution for certain purposes. This would include churches who have schools and child care facilities. Currently no Senate companion. This bill could put guns on our K-12 campuses as many lease to churches on the weekends.

SB 598- Senator Albritton- Authorizing a concealed weapon or concealed firearm licensee to carry a concealed firearm on the property of a religious institution during religious services or religious institution events when the property also contains a school; providing exceptions. Currently no House companion.

HB 6005- Representative Bryd-Possession of Firearms on School Property: Revises provisions relating to possession of firearms in student campus parking. Repeals current law of allowing guns on K-12 parking lots. Currently no Senate companion.

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